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The Story of Yemen Art Relief


Yemen is currently undergoing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Yemen Art Relief (YAR) is a Canadian initiative which aims to raise funds and awareness for the crisis in Yemen through the sale of Canadian art. We bring together like-minded artists who want to make a difference for the people of Yemen and use their donated artwork to bring awareness to the cause.

YAR will donate 75-100% of the proceeds of the artwork to reputable and well-established relief organizations working on the ground in Yemen.

We're proud to offer interested individuals with the opportunity of contributing to Yemen relief campaigns through the purchase of our artwork. Our artists' generous contributions make it possible for our organization to provide you these services.




Our vision is to establish a creative platform to raise funds for the humanitarian crisis, and educate our communities.

Donate on a one-time or monthly basis today and provide direct aid to Yemen .
Purchase any of our available artwork and all of the proceeds will be donated to Yemen campaigns organized by organizations such as IDRF and Islamic Relief. All proceeds will be donated on a 75:25 ratio, where 75% of the donations will go directly to Yemen and the remaining 25% will go to the respective artists; however, artists have the option to donate 100% of the proceeds to Yemen without profit. Check out our artists on Instagram to find out artist details and their donation ratios!
We're always glad to have an extra pair of hands working on our project!
Yemen Art Relief was built with the hard work of dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers make a difference everyday and play an important role in making YAR thrive. Do you want to make a positive contribution and develop your skills at the same time? Find out how to get involved.

Are you an interested artist wondering how you can contribute to the Yemen crisis? Donate your artwork today and help us raise funds for Yemen!
Spread the word about this organization, about Yemen, and about how the public can help!