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Roles and Responsibilities

View the duties of each department in YAR below.


Internal/External communication and affairs including responsibility for meeting minutes.

  • Planning General Body Meetings and scheduling of regular departmental meetings.

  • Volunteer recruitment and providing guidance on tracking hours

  • Responding to customer/artist queries through email.

  • Conducting Volunteer information sessions

  • Writing Meeting Minutes

  • Responding to any questions regarding the organization

  • External communications including sending emails to other organizations for collaborations and promotions

  • Organizing Drive folders.

  • Using Discord, Zoom, email and Whatsapp for communication purposes.


Excel (tracking orders)l/Processing Payments, organizing customer and artist information

  • Managing an excel sheet with cash outflow and inflow along with profit, cost, and donation margins

  • Maintaining customer and artist data and information. Updating any changes to Google Form responses. Asking artists to update missing information.

  • Making sure all information is well organized, and payments are calculated correctly.

  • Maintaining transparency with monthly updates of donation receipts.

  • Organizing information separately for the shipper, this includes customer name, address, return address, phone number, artist address/pickup location, artist contact information, and any other requested information

  •  Handling shipping queries and designating specific dates for shipment, and communicating to artists on how shipping will work.

  • Processing art order issues.


Planning and executing events.

  • Brainstorming and implementing event plans.

  • Managing marketing and promotion of events.

  • Updating the whole team on event progress/needs

  • Developing event feedback surveys, and considering improvements for the next event.

  • Communicating with each department to meet the specific needs of an event.

  • Tracking tickets/donations made within each event.

  • Creating event itineraries, and being present for hosting the event.

Graphic Design

Designing posts (infographics, posters, and general posts for promotion and awareness)

  • Gathering information from the Research team and organizing it into one post or infographic in an appealing manner.

  • Managing a Google Drive folder (with each file having a designated date for posting) with all visuals available.

  • Creating aesthetically appealing artist and team profile designs.

  • Creating labels for Shipping.

  • Designing event promotion posters 

  • Updating website content and design.

Social Media

Social media maintenance and marketing, including posting (posts, captions, and hashtags) at regular intervals,


  • Writing post captions and managing story highlights.

  • Marketing YAR to friends, families, communities, and sharing actively.

  • Contacting influencers, organizations, and other organizations for promotion of YAR's work and events.

  • Using effective hashtags, improving aesthetic appeal and posting regularly.

  • Using best practices to monitor and increase engagement.

  • Sharing infographics presented by the Research Team.

  • Communicating with other departments to promote events.

  • Answering queries on Instagram, and Facebook.


Researching, analyzing, and presenting information related to the crisis. Simplifying important facts and data to be presented in the form of infographics.

  • Analyzing the psychological impacts of this crisis on vulnerable groups. Sharing updated statistics on the crisis.

  • Understanding Yemeni culture and heritage.

  • Understanding and presenting future implications of this crisis on children, women and adults as well as the Yemeni community within Canada.

  • Coordinating with graphics team to design infographics and social media team to help this information reach a wider audience.


Transactions, finances, receipts, and bank account details. 

  • Receipting method and logging all donations made.

  • Bookkeeping.

  • Managing and maintaining receipt from purchases.

  • Making an excel sheet for all the finances (received and donated).

  • Managing bank account information and handling ownership of the finances.

  • Having authority and responsibility for signing any financial matters.


Oversees all matters pertaining to the organization.

  • Leading General Body Meetings

  • Coordinating with communications for future collaborations

  • Recruitment of Directors

  • Establishing a supportive team environment