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Kiara Bhanji


I’m currently in university, completing my bachelor of education. I’ve always liked drawing/painting and have recently put more focus into it. It’s a good stress reliever. Drawing floral designs is my trademark and you can usually find them on most of my paintings. A lot of my work is also inspired by Islamic art. I’m still a beginner and have lots to learn but I’m enjoying the process. I’m glad I have the ability to donate to causes like these.


Fadhil Fakrudhein


To Fadhil, being able to create art is a blessing. He chooses to pursue digital artwork not only because of its flexibility, but because it allows him the ability to create art anywhere at any time with just one piece of technology. He thinks that the creative freedom that art provides adds the extra touch that brightens every day and makes each day something to look forward to. He believes that every time anyone creates something, they get a chance to reflect their soul onto their art and discover a deeper, inner version of themselves. To Fadhil, your originality is at your fingertips, and it is a blessing to be able to wake each morning with a visual concept that is not only within you to create or even just attempt, but to feel the rush in your body that is provided from the joy of sharing it with the world.

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Aatif Jutt

Islamic Art

I'm a Canadian born artist redefining and refining Islamic art in this contemporary era. The purpose behind my work is to share light and love, to bring to surface the idea of the "one-ness" that is embedded in our being and all of creation.


Afrah Fatima

Manadala, Islamic Art & Calligraphy

Hey! My name is Afrah and I am a post grad psychology student by day and a visual artist by night. I completed my undergrad in Psychology and Visual Arts from University of Western. I have been interested in art and creations my entire life. But about a year ago I decided to fully embrace myself as an artist and dedicate my life to long hours of painting and learning how to run my own business. I could talk for hours about my art, but seeing it is better than thousands of words. Take a look for yourself when you have a minute and drop me a line if something catches your eye.

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Salma Elsinbawi


I started painting since earlier this year. I connect so much with my art and it brings me peace. My art is simple, yet has a hint of abstract. I enjoy structured paintings that require measurements and planning prior to painting. My art expresses my genuine feelings of peace and love for life. Mostly, I try to keep my art optimistic and happy to give viewers hope for a better tomorrow.

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Hafsah Sabir


I am a University student who really enjoys any type of painting, may that be oil pastels, watercolours or acrylics. Doing art allows me to drown myself into my paintings as if it was a whole different world. It gives me a sense of peace and a way to escape the negativity that may be around me. One thing that fascinates me about art is that a piece of artwork with no words, no letters can portray so much like an ocean with no end. The incredible strokes created by the Artist can speak differently to a different individual, with a new story each time it is viewed - that is the kind of Artist I desire to be. While being an Artist for Yemen Art Relief I hope to use my art in a way where it can benefit an individual who is in need.

Artist Painting in Studio

Muniba Ansari


I am 10 years old and a self-taught artist. I enjoy painting sceneries and mostly use watercolor and acrylics. Most of my sceneries are inspired from places I have visited. I feel I get closer to nature by painting.

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Megan De Jagar


Hi there! I’m a third year Health Studies student at the U of S. Art is a hobby of mine but it’s also a passion. So to be able to combine my passion for art with my passion for helping people would be really amazing. For my art, I mostly do portraits, as I have a great love for portraying people in my style. Despite the faults of humanity, I believe the world has a lot to give and so I enjoy portraying that beauty and pain.

Artist Painting in Studio

Urooba Khan

Painter and Calligrapher

I've always been interested in visual arts because of its variety in all imaginable aspects. Every piece of art is a result of human imagination and creative impulse. I started painting in middle school and found myself wanting to paint anything I found beautiful. Some of the very common themes in my work includes calligraphy, charcoal art, and nature, being my favorite one of all. So naturally, my paintings are full of green tones. 
I truly believe art can provide a great level of comfort to people merely through admiration but to be able to donate art to the Yemen Art Relief and in return helping the needy is the comfort we all should strive to provide. May God make us among the givers.

Artist Painting in Studio

Unknown Artist


This artist is a new aspiring artist in the Calgary area and is working on expanding her work and to indulge in perfecting her practice.

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Khush Asif


Khush Asif is a self-taught acrylic painter and free-hand Arabic calligrapher. She is currently perusing her bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto. Khush finds artistic inspiration in her culture, religion, nature, and current global events. Her optimistic nature is reflected in her Calligraphy of uplifting Arabic verses from the Quran in response to the chaos of today's world. Khush also paints landscapes and abstract pieces. In addition to all her premade art for sale, she also creates custom art and wall decor.

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Jayesha Ekram


Hi! My name is Jayesha and I’m an accountant by profession, which doesn’t leave me with a lot of creativity at my job (that’s called fraud!). As an outlet, I paint and have recently started exploring Islamic art, which includes Arabic calligraphy, Islamic illumination, and geometrical art.