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YAR Donates to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC) and International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF) on a monthly basis.


International Development and Relief Foundation

IDRF is assisting in the Yemen crisis by providing 2,000 food packages to 11,200 displaced individuals with each package lasting up to two months. Areas of large economic crisis, though out of conflict areas, are Hajjah, Al-Hodaidah, Saada, and Taiz. The crisis has resulted in inflated food prices, interrupted lifestyles and high levels of unemployment. Due to this, the cost of a minimal survival food basket is currently 150% higher than before the conflict. The packages IDRF are currently trying to deliver include wheat flour (20kg), rice (10kg) sugar (5kg), milk powder (3kg), biscuits (500g), canned food (5 bean cans) and oil (1L).


Islamic Relief Canada

Islamic Relief is an organization that is currently working with 300 staff members alongside 3,000 volunteers to provide medical support and urgent food aid in Yemen. Due to skyrocketing food prices, they use donations to obtain supplies locally. They are providing food, hygiene supplies, and personal protective equipment to 45 health facilities across Yemen. By providing these services, they are able to provide over 700 quarantined patients in hospitals with food, medical aid, and hygiene supplies as well as drinking water to 10,000 individuals. They are in partnership with UNICEF, World Food Programme, and UNFPA.