Frequently Asked Questions

What Artwork does YAR consign?

YAR focuses on physical pieces of art for submission. However, for those residing outside Calgary, clients can consign digital art as well. 

Some of the artwork we cosign is as follows: 

  • Poetry

  • Canvases 

  • Paintings 

  • Calligraphy

  • Mandalas

  • Woodwork

  • Sketches (preferably framed)

  • Digital Artwork 

Where do donations go?

All our donations go to IDRF and IRC.

I want to be an artist, where do I sign up?

Please visit our 'Become an Artist' page under the ABOUT section.

What is your return policy?

YAR does no returns or exchanges

Is a pick-up or delivery option available for outside of Calgary?

Delivery/pick-up are not available outside of Calgary from YAR, 
Delivery is only available by select professional artists outside of Calgary provided they are willing to do delivery themselves. Contact YAR for this.
For those residing in Calgary, a delivery option is available from YAR’s team.

Is shipping free?

YAR shipping is not free. The only free service option is pickup, and it is available only within Calgary with the exception of select artists who provide it within their city.

How long will my delivery take?

Artwork shipped out on the first of each month.
If your item is being delivered from within Calgary, delivery takes up to 5-7 days based on the number of orders.
If your item is being shipped, delivery can take up to 2+ weeks for all locations (including Calgary). 
For tracking your shipment, please contact YAR if the delivery date exceeds 3-4 weeks.

If I am choosing to personally pick up my art, when do I pick it up?

For delivery, if you have chosen a pickup option, it is the responsibility of the buyer to let YAR know what day and when they will be picking the art up.

Do you accept cash?

YAR does not accept any cash. All transactions are to be made online. 

Do you provide donation receipts?

Contact our team for details on Donation Receipts which will be made public Mid-Month once donations are received.

What if my artwork was damaged upon arrival?

YAR cannot take liability for artwork that becomes damaged once shipped. However, YAR does best to put cautionary labels on the packages.

When are donations made to affiliated organizations?

YAR makes donations in the middle of each month. Our donations are made to IRC and IDRF.

Is delivery contactless?

Yes, our delivery is contactless.

My item has not been delivered, what do I do?

Please contact YAR if the delivery date exceeds 3-4 weeks in order to track your shipment. 

My art piece was left at my doorstep, but now it’s damaged?

YAR is not responsible for any damaged works in shipping, delivery, or pickup.

Who can make an order?

Any orders made within Canada are accepted.

I would like to volunteer, how do I  sign up?

Visit the "Join our Team" page and fill our form.

I'm an artist and I have questions on shipping?

Please view our artist information package below which contains all relevant information.

I want to become a Director, how do I sign up?

Visit the "Join our Team" page and fill the Director form. If accepted, you will be asked to join a 15 minute interview. Upon selection, YAR will email you.

Does YAR take a portion of the profits? Can I donate without buying art?

No, YAR is completely nonprofit, however there is a 20% cutoff at the end of each month for website maintenance and future events. 

Yes, we are more than happy to receive donations through our website.

Important Documents

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