SKU: 000007

10 in x 20 in
Canvas Art

Translated Quote: "Peace to those who smile, no matter how much pain they have in their hearts."
The title means quiet. I grew up hearing this word a lot in terms of describing peaceful things, hence I now associate the word with peace as well. Mosques to me have always given off peaceful vibes. You go there to pray and clear your head. You go there to gain a sense of shanti. Everyone deserves that feeling. No one knows what everyone is going through, no one knows how hard someone might be trying to live or how unfair they’ve been treated only to continue treating others with kindness. What matters is that you have a good heart and I believe that as long as you have that, you will find that feeling eventually.

Artist: Kiara Bhanji || @art.kiarab -- Donation Percentage: 100%