Our Store Policies

Things You Need to Know

Shipping Policy

Thank you for supporting Yemen Art Relief. All of our donations will be made mid-month to the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF) and Islamic Relief Canada.
The following is our terms and conditions for our shipping policy. For additional information, please contact yemenartrelief@gmail.com. Yemen Art Relief will hereby be referred to as Yemen Art Relief or YAR.

Return Policy

YAR will not accept any returns or exchanges.


We are happy to provide donation receipts; please contact our team for additional details. Donation receipts will be made public during the middle of each month. Our donation receipts are not selective to each buyer and artwork purchased. Due to the load of orders, we only provide the total amount donated each month from our sold artworks and donations.


All transactions are made online only, no cash will be accepted. All sales are final, we cannot offer any returns/exchanges. All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. 
All packaging will be handled with care, following COVID-19 regulations.
* Gift packaging is available - special requests only

*It is the responsibility of the buyer to inform YAR date/time of pick up (Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm)

*You will be provided with a tracking number once your item has been shipped.

There are several artist exceptions to this. Several artists outside Calgary provide delivery/pickup within their city on their own responsibility. Our select list of artists will be released soon.


  • No verbal abuse or harassment will be tolerated towards our customer service representatives. 

  • As we take appropriate measures in packaging and labeling packages prior to shipment, we cannot be held liable for any broken/damaged artwork once shipped.

  • Please contact the courier for any lost/damaged/stolen items.

  • If the package has not been delivered in 3 - 4 weeks, please contact us and the courier.

  • YAR cannot be responsible with any dissatisfaction of the art piece as we will be providing accurate pictures and descriptions at the time of sale.

  • Digital prints are provided in restricted dimensions and printing paper. YAR is not responsible for quality errors with printing dimensions (we will only allow select dimensions to maintain quality of digital work). 

Details for Artists

  • YAR will contact the artist upon receiving the order from the buyer, and provide a shipping label specific to the order. 

  • Our artist information package provides a Thank You LABEL that you can print and use for your products as an additional thank you from the artist.

  • Products are shipped through Canada Post.

  • Our package instructions include wrapping the artwork with Bogus paper and additional plastic wrapping for fragile work. If other packaging works for the artwork, please proceed with that method of packaging.

  • YAR requires all artists involved in packaging to follow COVID-19 regulations. Violation of these regulations could result in removal of your work from our online platforms.